Travels both for business or leisure are equally important. The main objective that you want to achieve is to travel comfortably, hassle-free, and conveniently. Fortunately, the power of the internet has made it possible for us to travel with ease and freedom.

Here are five essential kits from Huawei that you should definitely use the next time you travel to maximize your full travel experience.

1. Location kit

If you’re a traveler, who loves to navigate and lead your squad the right way, you will indeed like Huawei’s Location Kit. This kit aids every traveler by setting up and locating road updates wherever you are in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling in rural or urban areas. The kit’s strong connectivity catches your location accurately.

2. Map kit

For long road trips, no need to purchase a GPS device to provide accurate routes. With Huawei’s map kit, it’s easier to navigate your destination with real-time and efficient route updates. You can access stops for breaks such as cafes, restaurants, shops, and restrooms. Traveling with comfort during road trips has made even better with this kit.

3. ML kit

If you’re frustrated not to learn a new language quickly, don’t bother. The ML kit helps you communicate, whether in Japanese, Korean, German, or Arabic, with its intelligent automatic speech recognition that can easily translate your language to theirs. No more trouble handling the language barrier because you may now communicate with the help of the kit. Ordering food, asking for directions, gaining tips, and even being friendly with other cultures will let you do it with this kit.

4. Wallet kit

Dealing with incorrect currency exchange and faulty ATM machines when traveling is always a hassle. Save yourself from all that and use Huawei’s Wallet Kit, where you can pay for your transport, tickets, food, and attractions with just a QR code. No more withdrawing and being played with bad exchange rates. You get what you deserve by just one swipe, and definitely a hassle-free to make purchases. All you need to do is set up an account to enjoy its privileges.

5. Awareness kit

Avoid the bad weather when traveling by using the Awareness Kit. This kit assists every traveler in picking up accurate weather updates in any location around the world. It helps travelers plan for the trip and be prepared for whether bad weather is coming. It also helps a lot whenever bad calamities may occur; you can simply cancel your trip and request a refund rather than risking your safety. With Huawei, you’re sure that you can travel safely and securely.

As a traveler, we always want to avoid the bumps along the way that can hinder our journey. Good thing, these types of kits exist to help us navigate better to our destination. Huawei has provided functional kits that let its users travel in comfort and ease.

Please visit Huawei’s official website or reach out to their dedicated Customer Service team for more information about the kits.


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