Switzerland, Savory and Sweet


Bob Preston, a resident of Geneva, has created two trips right in his own backyard. The week-long itinerary here highlights two products, chocolate and cheese, that are familiar Swiss exports and one that would be better known if the Swiss didn’t consume almost all of their wine before it can leave the country. Continue reading below for details about the itinerary and also check out our guide describing some of the highlights of this trip that will leave your palate sated.

Luzern: Old Town and Old Cheese
Arrive in Zurich and transfer to Luzern (or Lucerne) for a private guided tour of the Old Town and the historic Chapel Bridge. Your guided tour will include the chance to sample sbrinz. Famous as Europe’s oldest cheese with roots that, possibly, date back to the Celts, this Parmesan-like specialty is produced in central Switzerland.
Taste Emmental in its Home Town
Today you will continue on to Emmental, where even the dairy farms have views of the Alps and the local cheesemakers produce what is known in other parts of the world as “Swiss cheese.” You’ll then travel through the Jungfrau region on Europe’s highest railway and spend the night in Interlaken at one of the city’s most historic hotels, the Linder Grand Hotel Beau Rivage.
Alpcheese to Alpine Peaks
Today you’ll leave early in the morning and head to Bussalp-Eigeralp to see the traditional method of producing alpcheese, over an open fire. Afterwards you’ll board the Golden Pass train in Interlaken and continue on to Gstaad, where you’ll spend the night at the Gstaad Palace—make sure to order the truffles champagne fondue at La Fromagerie when you’re there.


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